Drathin Elladyr

Grey Elf Spellfilcher


Dolartu stands at 5’3” tall and weighs 99lbs. He is thin, with small amounts of lean muscle. His skin is a pale blue-grey and his eyes are green with small golden flecks. His hair is golden blonde and is mid length, growing backwards off of his head in thick straight locks.

He wears a grey shirt and black breeches tucked into soft black boots. Over his shirt is a brown vest, inside of which he stores his wallet of thieves tools. Additionally, a house breakers harness is sewn into the vest and straps around his crotch and up over his shoulders. On his belt are a few small bags holding his spell components, money and any other items he might carry.

Over all the above, he wears a navy cloak that reaches down to his ankles and clasps around his shoulders with a thin, but strong, chain. Over the cloak is a harness for his bow which rests unstrung. Around his neck he wears a charcoal scarf. In times of subterfuge the scarf is carefully wrapped around his lower face with his hood up obscuring his upper face save a small opening out of which to see. In leisurely times the scarf is wrapped loosely around his collar and the hood back between his shoulders.


Real Name: Dolartu Amarillis
Alias: “Drathin Elladyr” – Dancer Starstrike

Born to the noble Grey Elf house Amarillis, Dolartu was schooled in combat starting at a young age, typical of an Evereskan elf. The Elves of Evereska hold that training with a sword and bow, as well as fundamental tactics are essential to protecting Evereska, a concept generally attributed to a previous invasion by outside forces. Because of his noble heritage, Dolartu’s regiment was shifted to scholarship in the fourth decade of his life. However, a quick, reactive initiative would stay with Dolartu for at least a century to come.

Intellectually, Dolartu favored arcana and spellcrafting. He was also absorbed by the study of archeology and the treaties and histories of artificers. He took to spell casting and even excelled. He observed almost a natural affinity for Divination in particular and began to study it intensely. This study granted him the knack for anticipating events in the very near future. Functionally, this allowed him to sneak away from his duties, slip into and out of forbidden places and spy on his fellow elves. He also enjoyed the benefit of many other schools of magic, barring necromancy and enchantment. The raising of undead was a practice typically abhorred by Elves and Dolartu was no exception, finding the act unnecessary. “What good are the undead?” He wondered, “The living are predictable enough and their dead counterparts more so”. He also found enchantment to be a way of cheapening accomplishments. “Why waste magic changing the mind of a fool?”

Although a bit aloof, Dolartu found his scholarship to be beneficial, not only for the purposes of traditional elven magic, but also for their application to other areas. Dolartu researched spells not as popular with the elves, particularly magic delving into subterfuge and trickery. Although elves are whimsical, the grey elves are the more serious breed and have, in the years preceding Dolartu’s illicit studies, shied away from magic they see as frivolous or deceptive. Dolartu’s family, House Amarillis with members in the Cloudtop Magi Circle, fancied themselves above underhanded magic and methods.

Dolartu also practiced the thieving arts in his spare time, although this time was made intentionally rare by his teachers and parents. He spent many nights skulking around and stealing into prohibited libraries and neighboring noble houses. He finds the idea of creating and gathering secrets to be exhilarating. He is also pleased by being in the presence of someone who does not know he is there.

After many years of hiding his true passions, Dolartu was approached by a representative of the Knaves of the Missing Page, Mortund Rithare. Mortund offered Dolartu a life of excitement, but under the stipulation that he reveal to his parents his intentions and his affiliations. The Knaves are devout worshippers of Everan Illesere, a specifically elven god, and take pains to prove their loyalty to not only the elven pantheon, but also to the elven people as a whole. Despite that notion, Dolartu’s parents, being outspokenly noble and righteous, were furious with his decision and prohibited him from interacting with Mortund or any other Knave. However, due to Dolartu’s resilient interest in thievery and the associated magic, Mortund made an exception, deciding that perhaps it was an unnecessary requirement that a Knave be openly known as such, even to his closest elven relatives.

Dolartu resents proud mages and finds them some of his favorite targets. He loves a good joke and enjoys playing pranks. He takes even more pleasure in jokes that are not fully realized except to him.

He is annoyed by warlords. He is a sucker for challenges. He greatly enjoys food and will eat himself into incapacity if able, although due to his strength, athleticism and quick elven metabolism, he rarely gains weight. He is archeophilic and is prone to hoarding treasure and wealth but is quick to give it away in spurts of generosity. Additionally, he sacrifices many goods to Eversan Illesere. His lucky number is 4.

Making his way to the Halfway Inn, Dolartu took his trial mission to heart. By the guidance of Mortund and Tither, he sneaked into the room of a merchant and stole his journal. Thereupon he read about a potent elven artifact, one that held spells more precisely, to be transferred from Baldur’s Gate to the north on Shield Meet. Dolartu decided he was the one to return the artifact to elven hands. He and Tither set off for Baldur’s gate by way of the river Chionthar, giving himself the name Drathin for the task.

Along the way, Drathin met Rone, a mysterious and violent unholy warrior, with whom he found companionship in debauchery. As it were, Rone’s calm, but deadly nature provided the proper distraction Drathin would need to go about finding magic and magical items unnoticed.

Upon arrival in Scornubel, Drathin found himself freeing more members of what would become his traveling group towards Baldur’s Gate (at least so they agreed). Two half orcs were freed from imprisonment, one being delightfully reckless and angry and the other being offensively foul, that is he was in the nature of muttering guttural noises, smelling awful and summoning bugs. That’s not to mention the bleeding puss that seemed to exude from his enemies at his touch. Gross.

Then there were two more companions, one being some sort of silent, brooding type who took pleasure in the torture or others (a mysterious female human at that) and a sort of spider like being. Additionally many of these companions seem to have a fascination with blood, be it for drinking, painting or spilling.

Drathin Elladyr

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